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Welcome to Bamboo Yoga Oils Life.

A dedicated online wellness studio, created to give you a space to escape to, from our way too busy lives.

You are going love the live format of classes, we have time before class to catch up, ask questions and have community. I verbally assist and teach intuitively just as if we were in the same room. We have a variety of classes and deeper study on-line programs including essential oil and wellness lifestyle programs, depending on your interests or aims.

To book your space and to be taught in real time helps you get to your mat and commit to your wellbeing. I know what I am like, if I book it, I do it. If it's just watching on replay, I doesn't always happen.

also run On-line Corporate Group Yoga & meditation classes and holistic therapies, I teach all the tools that help me get through this thing called life. 

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Would you like some tips for your Yoga Home Practise, and a free breath & a relaxation video?

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On-Line Programs

I have created an empowering and calming Chakra program and a Crystal Healing course, Click below to learn more. You can work through them at your own pace and have lifetime access to go back to the education and the practises.

Nourish You - Online Retreat with Complimentary Restorative Yoga Class

We can't all go to retreats, especially not at the moment in the current environment. Nourish yourself is about creating pockets of space, moments here and there of deep self care and retreat to keep yourself nourished, topped up, which can change your whole day. 

We all have some time to dedicate to ourselves to nourishing ourselves, we just don't. We put others in front of ourselves, if we never have rest, stress can become an issue, our emotional, mental and physical health suffers. 

I look forward to teaching you easy and effective ways to manage and reduce stress and anxious feelings. 

Start to make time to nourish your body. mind and heart. You are enough, you are worthy.

You can listen to the training and complete the self work when it suits you, but it is about making some space in that day for you. Once you start, it is easier to find it over time. 

This program will take place 27thSeptember  - 11th October and costs £30 

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Essential Oil Lifestyle

Would you like to learn how high grade Essential Oils can nourish your body , emotions and soul and become an expert in your house? I have regular classes online that come with a welcome package of oils and some self care experiences. 


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Welcome to Bamboo Yoga Oils Life, it's so lovely to have you here.....

I'm Karen the founder, I have been practising yoga for well over 25 years, I qualified with the British Wheel of Yoga BWYQ Level 4 500 hours yoga teacher training and have so many more teachings under my belt (i'm a bit addicted to learning) . I love teaching yoga as I know how much it helps me and is such a big part of my lifestyle. It is a transformative, healing, and empowering experience. I have also had breast cancer twice and several surgeries, so I really understand the impact that life can have on the body and emotions and the healing power of yoga. As I am always learning and healing myself, I cannot stop teaching! I am also a life coach, essential oil educator and holistic therapist, teaching and sharing the tools that keep me going, have you the saying ...I bend so I don't break...it's yoga that keeps me bendy in body and mind.


I get asked a lot which tools I use to run my businesses. I decided to out the links below. If you get started with any of them I am happy to have a chat to help and inspire.

Kajabi is the base of my on-line business. It contains my marketing platform, I can create beautiful newsletters, or drip feed content. 

I run paid programs and courses on it.

I have community closed membership areas for the community that I serve and I mentor my business partners using it too.

My website and landing pages are so easy to create. It gives me flexibility and has sparked so much creativity. 

Here is my referral link. If you go through this link, I am more than happy to get on a zoom call and show you that I have created for inspiration. Just email [email protected]


Itovi is amazing, it is basically an essential oil scanner to identify the oils that will bring you into balance. I use this in workshops and customer events for education and to enhance the experience. It works so well. If you would like to use this and have some inspiration I would love to talk to you. Just contact me if you would like to zoom. [email protected]. 

This is the referral link: https://goo.gl/kxJc1U

Only doTERRA for so many reasons. If you would like to learn more contact me. There is too much to talk about and you need to smell them to understand the difference. I have spaces for one to one consultations each week. With no obligations. I would love to talk oils with you. 


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