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I am the founder of bamboo yoga oils life, two times survivor of breast cancer, mum to 2 beautiful souls and a rescue dog, wife, holistic therapist, life coach, yoga teacher and essential oil educator. For me Yoga, self inquiry, life coaching and holistic therapies, have been such a big part of my healing process both emotionally and physically. I am so passionate about teaching these tools that help me so much. I teach yoga, self care techniques and how to use essential oils for emotional balance, to manage stress, to move limiting beliefs and deeply connect with ourselves as we all get lost along the way with this thing called life. I have in person and online programs to coach and help you move forward. I live a plant based lifestyle and am working on being as sustainable as I can. I believe that we have a responsibility to help protect that which gives us so much. I have also promised my children that I will keep teaching others how to help the earth so that future generations can live in safety. I only work with doTERRA essential oils, due to the purity and the yogic way that doTERRA source and produce these pure oils. I also teach how to start a doTERRA business if this is something that you wish to do.

EFT is based upon the theory that "Our negative emotions are caused by a disruption in the body's energy system"

EFT - Emotional Freedom Techniques is a form  of psychological acupressure. By tapping on certain points, with key phrases, (which we identify during the sessions, you release blockages in your energy system. )

Blockages in the meridians distort the flow of Chi/Ki/Prana/Life force and can cause emotional and physical issues. These are often seen in the form of physical discomfort, limiting beliefs, lack of self worth, lack of confidence, feelings of stress, anxiety, low mood and phobias. 

The link has now been established between the mindset of an individual, how we are feeling and the manifestation of physical symptoms and dis-ease. 

In an EFT treatment we use the fingertips to tap on the energy meridians that are situated just beneath the surface of the skin. The treatment is non-invasive, quick and empowering as you will be given some routines to do at home to carry on your transformation.  

I look forward to working with you to free yourself. Click above to book your session via the MINDBODY app, I have appointments on Thursdays for this therapy. If this does not suit you, CONTACT ME, and we can discuss an alternative appointment. 

Each session costs £40 and you will get a check in and a tapping routine to carry on with as well as a recording/audio to support you.