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If you are interested in learning about or introducing a more natural lifestyle  into your home, this 45 minute interactive class is for you. I will teach you how to use essential oils in your home to up-level your lifestyle, to support your emotions, physical body and how to reduce exposure to harmful toxins that have become art of everyday life. 

You will learn how to weave these oils into your lifestyle easily. We will look at why doTERRA oils are different, and because they are different,  I will teach the three ways to use them, and why purity and continued education and support are so important to help with the beneficial changes that you can make to your lifestyle.

In this class we will cover what is important to you. There will be the opportunity at the end of the class to get started with a wholesale account if this is a fit for you, or we can have a separate chat online if  you wish, to talk over you specify needs. There is never any obligation. 

Please note that you can  arrange a bespoke class for you and your friends, or a one to one if the class dates don't work for you.

The class is £6.50,once you have booked your space, we will have a text or email conversation to see what you would like to work on and I will send you three sample oil vials to use during the class to get the real oil experience as smell-o-vision hasn't arrived yet. The classes will take place in my private zoom space where we will be able to talk face to face.  

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Schedule of Essential Oil Classes


Saturday 23rd 10-11am


Saturday 6th 10-11am

Saturday 20th 10-11am


Saturday 11th 10-11am

Then for summer 1-1 on-line consultations will be available to suit. 

I am actually grateful to have gone through a really dark period in my life a couple of years ago. I turned to yoga. Not quite sure why but something deep in my gut told me to.
I started my yoga journey with Bamboo Yoga with the beautiful, inspirational Karen Jackson. Karen has this aura that immediately puts me at ease. I fell in love with yoga.
Karen knew I was suffering with nerve discomfort in my neck and nothing medically at that time was working for me. I needed surgery but had to wait months. I didn’t think I could until Karen gave me 2 drops of DoTERRA Peppermint oil. I rubbed the gorgeous smelling oil into my pain sites and in minutes I was soothed. From that very moment my life and the lives of my husband and son changed. The change I have seen in our physical health and emotions in the house is just unbelievable. I will never turn back and hope my oil collection just grows and grows!!!
Things happen for a reason. If I didn’t have that dark time in my life I wouldn’t have met Karen and discover doTERRA. Thank you Karen

Donna Robinson

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About the tutor:

Karen Jackson is the owner of Bamboo Yoga Studio in Nottingham and Bamboo Yoga Oils Life. She is a yoga teacher, EFT Practitioner, life coach and doTERRA Wellness Advocate.

Having gone through breast cancer twice, Karen now specialises in teaching how to use essential oils to manage emotions.

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Would you like some help?

If there are any emotional or physical issues that you would like help with, please contact me and I can send you some bespoke essential oil samples before the class for you to use.  

If you would prefer to talk on a one to one basis, please contact me and we can arrange to talk online or in person. 

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