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Self Care Program & Oil Collection £10 off Lockdown Special Valid for April and May

Self Care Essential Oil Style

I am excited for you to take part in this Online Program, complete with Essential Oil Collection that will be sent to you, please fill out this form so that I have your address and know how best to support you. 

What you will learn:

You will learn that you matter deeply, you will learn how to create space for you as well as becoming your own essential oil expert. I wish at the end of the program that you will start to really look after YOU.

There will be some prep videos, and then wait until you have your bundle of oils and products to see you though the week, as there will be daily education and tasks to integrate the oils into your self care routine. 

You will also learn
Why doTERRA oils are different and how to use them
How toxins and stress affect the physical bodies health and also emotions.
How to journal
How to boost energy and focus
About the importance of self care, how to create space in your day for you, and why it is important
About the emotions and how to manage them naturally and effectively.
Sleep hygiene
Additional tools and help as things come up for you.

You will need: 

There will be a few bits that you will need yourself before the program starts, there are listed below.
1.Coconut Oil (high quality one from the Health Food Shop), either solid or fractionated coconut oil
2. A journal or nice notebook
3. Brown Sugar, or any sugar you have in.
4. Stainless Steel or Glass Water bottle
5. Cotton pads or reusable bamboo pads

In the Self Care package you will get a collection of oils with enough drops to take you through the self care program.

We will be using the oils for….
Pure-fume (toxin free)
Stress, anxious feelings, calming and sleep
Easy effective and toxin free eye make up remover, pure divine face serum
Help your body detox by adding oils to your water and trying to drink more water
Home made effective and amazing smelling skin care products
Natural toxin free mouth wash
Your own essential oil diffuser
A luxurious body lotion and scrub they smell amazing

It is my aim as a Life Coach, Yoga Teacher , EFT Practitioner, doTERRA Wellness Advocate, and survivor of breast cancer (twice) that I help as many people as I can remove toxins from their lives, learn how to manage their emotions, their wellness and live a life with more self belief, health, calm and prioritise time to look after themselves.
It is possible!!! I promise you.

I will provide answers to questions and ongoing support in a facebook group and also in a support group here if you are not on social media. 

What People Are Saying:

“"I recently enjoyed Karen’s Self Care Essential Oils Style program and I can not recommend it enough! It has helped me make so many wonderful changes - I feel confident in using essential oils for those common childhood ailments, for my cubs’ skincare, toxic-free cleaning...But most importantly, I use them to take care of myself! With Karen’s expert advice, I’ve learned to manage my hay fever, nourish my troublesome skin, and make cheap and effective alternatives to mouthwashes and cleansers. I’ve also learned a tonne about self care and for me this was the absolute highlight. Karen has taught me simple techniques and approaches that I will carry with me as tools for dealing with the rollercoaster that is motherhood! I feel so much calmer and positive and this has had a wonderful effect on our family life 🙂 I loved learning from Karen and am looking forward to continuing my self care and essential oils journey."”

Leonie Thomas