Charlotte Mcfarlane "This is a wonderful course! The oils are simply beautiful and the support I received and continue to receive from Karen is amazing. I have learned so much in such a short space of time from managing emotions to making homemade sugar scrubs. It has been a fantastic week of self care, which I am looking forward to continuing long into the future ❀️ xxx"

Emily Lawson "With 2 young children it's been a while since I took some real time out for myself doing something I really wanted to do to improve my wellbeing. With friends already on their oily journey I have dabbled in oils, but I have come to realise that what Karen does is more than just the oils - she's really explained the benefits of taking time, journalling and thinking about what changes you can make to slow down a little. This week has been extremely interesting and, perhaps even life changing. I am looking forward to a calmer and more happy life!! Thank you Karen Jackson x"

Leonie Thomas "I recently enjoyed Karen’s Busy Mums essential oils course and I can not recommend it enough! It has helped me make so many wonderful changes - I feel confident in using essential oils for those common childhood ailments, for my cubs’ skincare, toxic-free cleaning...But most importantly, I use them to take care of myself! With Karen’s expert advice, I’ve learned to manage my hay fever, nourish my troublesome skin, and make cheap and effective alternatives to mouthwashes and cleansers. I’ve also learned a tonne about self care and for me this was the absolute highlight. Karen has taught me simple techniques and approaches that I will carry with me as tools for dealing with the rollercoaster that is motherhood! I feel so much calmer and positive and this has had a wonderful effect on our family life πŸ™‚ I loved learning from Karen and am looking forward to continuing my self care and essential oils journey."

Sally Roebuck "Wow... thank you Karen & everyone on this course πŸ™πŸ» I’m a Fitness & Yoga teacher & have always had a positive outlook on life even through tragic & sad times I have been able to manage my emotions & stay strong most of the time. I love what Karen has offered me, reinforcement of things I teach to others..but we can sometimes not practice what we preach. SELF CARE ❀️ Guilty! We all have to bear sad, stressful & difficult times which we shared & I love Karen’s guidance that we can accept these emotions, live with them but use oils to help as we dig deep whilst we wait for them to pass. The one thing that I can say is that being in this group & moving forward with Karen is such a good idea because we have to surround ourselves with people who are on the same mission as us, listen to each, other support each other & be kind to each other & ourselves... & enjoy those oils πŸ’•"

Lisa Ann "Hello Karen, I’ve really enjoyed this week, it really brought the importance of oils to me. I knew they were good before, but you have taught me new ways and information about them (you may have said before but I’m not sure I was open to letting myself have this goodness!) I think the main thing is the small pockets of stop, I will definitely having cupped hands breathing during my lunch break at work, I always work through lunch. I liked the moisturiser and thanking body parts too. Thank you very much, I feel you have empowered me to use the oils habitually. ☺️ Xx"

Michelle Campbell "I have really enjoyed this week, and your style of teaching. I can't believe how quick it has changed my mindset and focus, I look forward to continuing this journey 😍 thanks Karen xxx"

Sadie Rowbottom "This course was more than experiencing oils. It has been a time of self reflection and discovery. Karen really is special, she is interested in you as a person and advises you on how to use the oils to to help with individual concerns.I have loved this week with Karen and have learnt so much. I’m an oily convert and know it will change my life for the better πŸ’–."

Lisa Wise "I have learnt so much from the online course and can't wait to learn more. I feel my oily journey is just beginning. Karen is amazing and gave so much advice and information throughout the week, above and beyond what I expected. She listened to what we as a group wanted to learn."

Ruth Woodcock "Fabulous course. The content is so personal and professional I would recommend to anyone. Love what the oils can do and learnt so much . X"


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