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doTERRA Essential Oils

Would like to learn more about doTERRA Essential Oils and what they can do for your emotional and physical heath with my mentorship? I have regular classes at the studio and also some on line programs. See the self care program below for more details.




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Self Care - Essential Oil Style

I am so happy to be able to provide this on-line program with an essential oil package sent to you. 

You will learn that you matter deeply, you will learn how to create space for you as well as becoming your own essential oil expert. I wish at the end of the program that you will start to really look after YOU.

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I would like some Self Care

Bamboo Yoga Studio

Come and Visit Bamboo Yoga Studio in Arnold Nottingham, have a look at the classes and workshop available. 

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Wonderwoman Online & In Studio Programs

On line and in studio programs/workshops  to help you reconnect with yourself, to heal and to learn to connect it who you are, what you want, create more space and let go and move past limiting beliefs. 

As an introduction, I am offering a  complementary 7 day program to help you reconnect with yourself, to dedicate a few minutes a day to take a pause, to develop self awareness of how you are feeling in preparation for a more focused and calm 2020.

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I would like to introduce myself.

I would like to introduce myself... I am the founder of bamboo yoga oils life, two times survivor of breast cancer, mum to 2 beautiful souls and a rescue dog, wife, holistic therapist, life coach, yoga teacher and essential oil educator. I teach yoga, self care techniques and how to use essential oils for emotional healing, to manage stress, to move limiting beliefs and deeply connect with ourselves as we all get lost along the way with this thing called life. I have in person and online programs to coach and help you move forward. I am also an active vegan advocate and speak up for the World and the animals, as I believe that we have a responsibility to help protect that which gives us so much. I have also promised my children that I will keep teaching others how to help the earth so that future generations can live in safety. I only work with doTERRA essential oils, due to the purity and the yogic way that doTERRA source and produce these pure oils. I also teach how to start a doTERRA business if this is something that you wish to do.


Would you like to ...

- Uplevel your  lifestyle?

- Get to know yourself again, who you are, and what you stand for?

-Learn how to tread more lightly on this earth? To live a life low in toxicity both in thoughts and in what we put on and in our bodies and into the earth.

If you would like to connect with me to learn how to reduce toxins in your life, to take responsibility for your emotional and physical health and your families email [email protected]

Follow me on instagram and youtube as I share the small changes to upevel my health, the things that help me, tend to be good for all round me and the earth too. 


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