Home Made - Non-Toxic - Dishwasher Tablets - How and Why

Jan 06, 2020

I know, such a sexy post!

But..I love making these beauties for many reasons, they tick a lot of boxes for me as part of my non toxic, non-self, family and earth harming lifestyle.

My aim, is to live well and long, to take daily steps towards protecting this beautiful planet and keeping toxins out of the family home and my children's precious bodies. 

The video shows you how I make the dishwasher tablets.

It might be relevant for you to learn why I am so bothered about this. I can remember about 20 years ago, I learnt that fabric conditioner can take up to 800 years to biodegrade, before we really knew what we were doing to this planet, I immediately stopped using it, we don't need it, I didn't want my actions to cause that to the planet.

Following having breast cancer twice, I now look into getting toxins out of our lives at every level, so that they won't harm mine or my families health. It has been like Alice going down the rabbit hole. This will be a separate blog, keep an eye out for it, looking at perfume/parfum/fragrance. 

My investigations have led me to feeling quite angry about the lies big business feed us and are allowed to feed us (by agencies and the government) for MONEY. People really do make money by selling us products that actively harm our health. 

I started investigating using the environmental working group website and the think dirty app, what was in my products. Today I will focus on dishwasher cleaners, there will be a lot more blogs to come as we deep dive one thing at a time and learn the whys and the easy solutions.

I am a doTERRA wellness Advocate, I use and sell doTERRA products because they are pure, because they have transparency with the testing procedures, so we can see what it is in each bottle, because of their heart, the charitable work they do, and their ethics. They are pure. You will need some doTERRA On Guard Cleaner Concentrate for this recipe. If you would like a consultation first to see whether you would like to get oil in your life for emotional and physical health contact me and we can get you started. I listen to whats going on emotionally and physically in your lives and teach you the nest oils to use and get started with and teach you how to use them. This also gets you wholesale price on all doTERRA products and oils. Who wants to pay full price? There is a bit more detail on this page. If you live in Nottingham I run in person group classes or one to ones. 

Please note that doTERRA do not authorise sale of their products on amazon, just through Wellness Advocates, so my teachings only apply to this. Please do not follow my advice with regular oils.

If you just want the cleaner concentrate, click on this link to shop, any problems, contact me.  

I am offering everyone a free gift of a short 5 day online course to take a pause, to find a little more space and self awareness, click here to have a little more peace in your life. 

Sending lots of non toxic love and joy.

K xxx






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