Calm, Balanced, Powerful.

Cultivate these qualities working with the Chakra System. 

My aim in creating this course is for you to feel balanced, calmer and empowered,  You will be able to have  a freer flow of energy, so that you do not tip into fear, anxiety, anger or frustration as much or as deeply. You will learn to come back to your centre more easily.  

I am ready...

My aim in creating this course is for you to feel more balanced, calmer, to be able to have a free flow of energy, so that you do not tip into fear, anxiety, anger or frustration as much or as deeply.  When you do, (as we are all human) you can find your way back to your centre, to stillness to peace with more ease and speed.  I believe and teach all the time, that we all have great power over how we feel. If we have self awareness and do the work --- it is life changing. 

The course takes place in a drip feed method. We hang in each energy centre for 2 weeks at a time to really work on it, gain some self knowledge and do the work.

At the end you will have a wonderful  chakra mediation to go through whenever you want to bring yourself back into balance.

 As well as being an investigation into the Chakras it is also an investigation into a variety of yoga techniques.

There is a section for each energy centre, with the following...

1. Introduction to that chakra

2. A short Yin Practice (to be done as often as possible through the 2 week period for that energy centre)

3. An energetic practise 

4. A meditation

5. Affirmations

6. A deep relaxation focusing upon he rotation of consciousness technique.

There is a space to ask questions and comment in the group if you would like to. 

You will have access to this program forever and access to my online community space for like minded beings. 

I look forward to guiding you back to you through the chakras as a way to investigate. 

The program is £30 for the first 20 students. 

These techniques are easy for everyone to do. You do not need any experience of yoga or meditation. You do not need to be fit or bendy. You just need an open mind and heart, and the desire to move into a more peaceful state for more of your time.  

You deserve peace and joy. 

Yes please...

Hi, Welcome, I'm Karen the founder of Bamboo Yoga Oils Life.

 I have been practising yoga for well over 25 years, I qualified with the British Wheel of Yoga BWYQ Level 4 500 hours yoga teacher training and have so many more teachings under my belt (i'm a bit addicted to earning) . I love teaching yoga as I know how much it helps me and is such a big part of my lifestyle. It is a transformative, healing, and empowering experience. I have also had breast cancer twice and several surgeries, so I really understand the impact that life can have on the body and emotions and the healing power of yoga. As I am always learning and healing myself, I cannot stop teaching! I am also a life coach, essential oil educator and holistic therapist, teaching and sharing the tools that keep me going, have you the saying ...I bend so I don't's yoga and the holistic tools that keeps me bendy in body and mind.

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