Learn how to sleep deeper to feel refreshed, calm & balanced.

Takes place 9th-15th November

This program costs £21, and includes a complimentary on-line restorative yoga, breathwork class for deep relaxation worth £10.

Do you long to wake up feeling refreshed, to be that person who starts to drift off as soon as your head hits the pillow? Do you want to learn tools to calm that overactive mind that tends to kick into gear at bedtime?

I am so happy to teach the tools, that I use to sleep deeply: some gentle yoga to do in bed, soothing breath techniques, essential oils (you get a pack to use through this time) and knowledge about sleep hygiene to you.

You will come out the week empowered and able to make easy changes to your life to sleep and feel rested.

Sound good? You will love this on-line sleep retreat. Come and join me for 7 days in this interactive on-line program.

The program takes place in a closed facebook group.  There are daily little tasks and information to weave some pockets of calm and nourishment into your life. More details below. 

AND as my gift to you, you will receive access to a FREE on-line restorative yoga class with £10.

Yes please, I would like to take part ...

Meet Your Sleep Mentor and Lean More


Essential Oils

You will learn 

- The 3 ways to use doTERRA essential oils

-Non toxic self care and sleepy lifestyle hacks.

-You will have a pamper evening  with non toxic, luxurious home made eye make up remover, scrubs, bath salts, soothing face and body serum. I even have a playlist for you. 

-You will learn how to use essential oils to mange your emotions and learn a deeper level of emotional intelligence.

-How to use essential oils for deep sleep and why sleep is so important to us. 



And More ...

You will learn 

-Tools to calm the busy mind

-Calming short yoga techniques

-Short meditation techniques

-About sleep hygiene 

-Soothing breath techniques

-The week will finish with a complimentary and optional 75 minute Restorative Yoga Session.

Would you like to Learn More About Essential Oils Right Now?

If you haven't got the time to come to an essential oil class, or you just don't want to wait, would you like to learn through a series of short videos delivered straight to your in box and receive a free Essential Oil for Beginners E-Book?

Claire Taylor 

Karen Jackson just wow, such an inspirational and wonderful soul. Hugely knowledgable and supportive in her field inspiring people of all ages to make lasting change.  On a personal note I’m super grateful to have walked into her studio - when 2 souls connect - you just know you can trust this lady with your life xx 

Jo Russell

Thanks so much for introducing me to essential oils! It's changed my emotional state and my sleeping habits and having you to message with any questions or advice is invaluable, especially when you start off on your journey! Thank you!  

 Kerri Stevens 

Where do I start? It's not just changed my life but that of my family and pets. Karen's wealth of knowledge is shared with no obligation and for this I am so grateful. So much more to learn and gain. Thankyou x.

Hi, welcome to bamboo yoga oils life, it is so lovely to have you here, my name is Karen, 

I am the founder of bamboo yoga oils life online yoga and natural lifestyle studio, X 2 survivor of breast cancer, mum to 2 beautiful souls and a rescue dog, wife, holistic therapist, life coach, yoga teacher and essential oil educator.

I teach yoga, self care techniques and how to use essential oils for emotional healing, to manage stress, to move limiting beliefs and deeply connect with ourselves as we all get lost along the way with this thing called life.

I have in person and online programs to coach and help you move forward.

I am plant powered and aim to be as sustainable as I can.

I only work with pure ethically sourced  essential oils and I will teach you why purity is important. 

Would you like to get started and get access to the pre course information

Claire Travenor

Karen is not only a lovely, genuine person but is an expert on these essential oils, purely and simply because she lives and breathes them in every aspect of her own life. 💞💞 

Donna Stoakes 

The awareness of both knowing about essential oils and using them, has helped and supported me over the last few months. It's like having a little secret that you want to share with people,when you hear of issues or learn how they are feeling to help them. Learning about oils and in turn using them, is only the start of my journey, which I have Karen to thank for that. 

Charlotte Hooley 

Karen has really opened my eyes to the oily life and I love it! There’s an oil for everything and Karen’s always on hand with help and advice! My first thought now is ‘can I fix this with an oil?’ and the answer is always yes! It’s so nice to have a natural option 😊.  

Are you ready for some deep sleep?


If you haven't got the time to come to an essential oil class, would you like to learn through a series of short videos delivered straight to your in box and receive a free Essential Oil for Beginners E-Book?


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