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My Oily Lifestyle & Mentorship...

doTERRA Essential Oils are a main part of my natural lifestyle, along with yoga & meditation. They have integrated into every area of my life from toxic free cleaning, to applying to the skin for some self care, to taking to boost and support my  immune system. My children turn to them for illness, cuts, sleep and to help with emotions, and my husband to help with his long distance running.

I am so passionate about teaching others how to use the oils for everyday health, pro-active health care and emotional health. I still believe in the western medicine system, but I love having a non toxic alternative to manage the niggles in life, and reduce harmful toxins in our lives.  I can teach you how to get toxins out of your families home with ease, and become your own essential oil expert! I have a lovely community to help and support you.

I also specialise in coaching others to start a business with doTERRA if that is for you, and teach yoga teachers how to weave them into yoga classes. You do not need to do business when you get a doTERRA wholesale account , you can hang out as a customer. 85% of doTERRA users are customers.

"Karen's mentorship with doTERRA essential oils has supported me on a journey of transformation which has rippled out to my family, friends and clients.  On a personal level, I have suffered with anxious feelings for longer than I was even aware. I can say with confidence, that using the oils have helped me to overcome this once debilitating problem.  I feel so empowered that I can help those around me with natural remedies as a superior alternative to other products that may be high in damaging toxins.  Karen's own journey of healing and health is truly inspiring and she continues to overcome suffering by sharing her knowledge and power with others.  I feel incredibly grateful to receive her support and safe to know I have such an expert to call upon when I need help with anything from the physical to the emotional to the spiritual. ❤"
-Sophie Bee
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This isn't the best way to get doTERRA oils, its better to have a consultation and a wholesale account with 25% off (wholesale price). Never buy on Amazon, alway get through a Wellness Advocate. If you do want retail, here is the link to purchase. 

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I offer free online wellness consultations for anyone who wants to know more, contact me to book your time with me, either in person or in my online meeting room.

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Get Started with a wholesale account, my mentorship,  support & community - the best way to get doTERRA oils

Your own wholesale account gets you access to  25% off all things doTERRA,  you are welcome to have an online consultation on line or in person,  this takes about half an hour, we go through your health concerns and goals, and make sure we get you started on this amazing journey with the best oils for you.

It is better to have a quick chat or you could message me and I can send you a bespoke video with my advice to get you the best oils and deal for you.

If you would like to join without the consultation please click here and follow these instructions.....

-Click Join & Save
-Choose Join doTERRA
-Choose Wholesale Customer
-Fill in your personal details (UK scroll down to DUBLIN for time zone) and choose either a starter kit or the £24 enrolment option and you can add products when you take that to the payment stage.

PLEASE NOTE, the starter kits have the account opening fee of £24 waived, save even more money and get the starter kit discounted. Click here for a video explaining the top ten oils, and click here to have a look at  the starter kits. 

Please note that the Enroller ID should be filled in but if it isn't please put 3847969, I will then send you some welcome emails. The oils will take a few days to reach you and then your new essential oil life can begin!

Ensuring ID 3847969 will mean that you have me to look after you and teach you how to use the oils safely and effectively.

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