On-Line Interactive Retreat - including a recording of an On-Line Restorative Class for when you want to relax deeply.  

Would you like to learn how to find calm and inner peace in 5-10 minutes a day? It is possible...

Are you struggling to find time for yourself?

Does your life feel chaotic?

Do you feel like you are in a constant cycle that never stops or takes a pause?

Do you get low sometimes, or irritable?

All signs that you need a little pause, a little more space in your day for you. 

Sound impossible? It's not, and it is easy, I teach you short effective ways to bring chill, calm and peace into your mind, body and heart first which then ripples out into your day, the your week, your month, your year, your life. 



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How it all works....

  • This is an interactive online course that you will keep to go through these practises anytime you want. You will be drip fed one days content at a time. 
  • Each day, for 5 days a short description or video and a short practise. 
  • You get sent a beautiful little package of essential oils to see you through the week, to make the week flow and to help you manage your emotions.
  • I am there as a coach and guide to teach you and help you with anything that comes up for the week. You have space to email me or comment on each days content. 
  • You get a complimentary online restorative yoga class to keep, to help you deeply relax and let go. 
  • You receive a link to a beautiful workbook made for this course. (see below)

Itinerary for the retreat...

Day 1 - a guided practise of essential oils applied to a specific accu-point to calm and balance you

Day 2 - Oil practise and starting the workbook

Day 3- The Peaceful Breath Practise 

Day 4-Meditate into a peaceful state. 

Day 5- Chilled, Peaceful Guided Relaxation, to enable you to let go. 

Bonus - (optional restorative yoga online class - this is complimentary but a great close to your week)




You will learn how this feels in your body and how to access this state easily anytime you need to


You have deep inner peace within you, it just gets buried through life, time to uncover it.


To manage your emotions, this is a gamechanger. 

Would you like to get started?

Just click below, fill in the details and I will get your oil package in the post to you. I am excited to spend this time with you. 

Im ready to find some peace ...

Enjoy this freebie as a starter...a short masterclass with worksheet to start you on your journey...

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