Inner Work Coaching - create the life and business you desire from the inside out. 

"Your lifestyle, your emotions, your home, your business, your work life are all a direct reflection of how you are really doing inside of you. Inside you heart, your mind and your body. If you dedicate your attention to doing the Inner Work, you can move towards flow, ease, and aligned action."

Karen Jackson - The Inner Work Coach 

Is Inner Work Coaching Right for me?...

If you have had anyone tell you that you can't do something. 

If you put others before yourself.

If you find yourself talking negatively, or criticising yourself.

If you say I can't, I need, I should, I wish....

If you realise that you tend to live in a scarcity of time, if things feel hard and not as joyful as they once did. 

If you have a passion that you are not following.

If you are wanting to start a new project, or are an entrepreneur. 

If you have a goal that you always sabotage. 

If you resonate with any of the above, but deep down, you know that there is more for you in life...

I am here to help shine a light on what is holding you back and help to guide you, inspire you and give you support. 

I understand, as I have worked on all the above. I believe as a teacher and coach, I can show up and help from the learning and insights I have gained from my own Inner Work. 



When I coach you, I am invested in you, it isn't just a one off session, with some a-ha moments for you.

I am there to help you implement the changes to move you closer to what you desire. 

I am here for accountability, for inspiration and for support. 

I am there for you to ask me questions in between coaching sessions, I am with you. 

For this reason, I no longer do one off sessions, I work on a monthly basis, where we have 4 coaching sessions that month to really implement change. We don't mess around. 

The Inner Work Coaching Package is £349 and includes:

  • 4 weekly coaching calls (1 hour)
  • Access to me via whats app, email or facebook messenger to ask questions and for me to also provide support for you in between sessions
  • Worksheets to help you plan
  • Free initial 30 minute call to uncover what you would like to work on and see if we are the right fit for each other

For this reason, I only take on 4 coaching clients a month, so that I can be present and give my best. 

Would you like a complimentary call to help you identify the one thing that you are struggling with, that is getting in your way? It includes a free goals and vision worksheet and guide.

  • Book your complimentary session via the link below, if you can't make any of the available slots , please contact me [email protected], I have a few additional spaces to be arranged.
  • Before the session reflect upon the one thing that is holding you back the most,  or that you struggle with, this can be in any area of your life. 
  • Get a zoom account and enable audio and video
  • At your booked time slot, log in, you will get the link emailed to you when you book and let's take a deep dive into what the problems are and how they are showing up in your life.
  • Calls are for 30 minutes
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How 2 of my beautiful entrepreneurial clients felt after working with me...

I came away from my first coaching session with Karen feeling fully alive and inspired!

I left believing in myself more than I had done in a while and feeling much more of a sense of direction.

Karen’s honesty and authenticity is so easy to connect to and has given me the boost I need to show up strong and tall in my own teaching and business.

I now know which areas of my business I need to focus on to make progress and how to go about that. 

The session also involved questions of self inquiry that I hadn’t thought about before so I now know exactly what it is that I want to offer and achieve and feel much more focus. 

I’m so happy I booked this session and feel even more excited about my journey. Thank you Karen for your wonderful energy.

Isabella Holder 

Karen's MO is one that is forthright, clear seasoned with plenty of sass.
My coaching time with her was so inspiring, she has a way of getting to the nub of what you are trying to achieve almost before you even know it yourself.
Her expertise and experience provides a knowledgeable platform for you to springboard off after she has challenged you to step out onto the edge!
I cannot recommend Karen a very short space of time she moved me to a different place which she instinctively knew I needed to be to take me to the next level for my business and personal growth.


Clare Savage 

You are the light, you have everything that you need inside of you right now. We just forget sometimes.

Let me help you re-find you.

Let me help you move past all the things that life has layered on top of rediscover you, your strengths, your passion and most of all, make life feel more spacious and easier. 

If you are anything like me, I know I have made life so much more difficult in the past, by forgetting, neglecting myself, putting everything else in front of myself and thinking that I have never got enough time.

All this led to me feeling lost, unsupported, and a bit miserable.

All because of programming from other people and society.  I was living my life according to thoughts and beliefs,  which weren't actually mine. 

I didn't want to feel like that, my heart, my soul, my body craved changed, so I did the Inner Work and am so happy that I did, I have more space, more joy in my life.

Now, I am passionate about teaching others and helping women come back to an empowered state, back home to their hearts. 

Grab a lovely drink, and let me introduce myself and how we would help you remember that you are enough, you are powerful and help you get past these blocks. 


I am so passionate about and love to focus on...

  • Teaching you to take your power back, to get into a state of empowerment, to REMEMBER
  • Showing you how to change your mindset from negative to positive and remove the blocks that are holding you back
  • Time management and getting organised to be effective, no more giving your power away to the concept of time.
  • Self Care rituals and practises to keep energy free flowing and high vibe. 
  • Finding grace and ease, being in flow instead of in a push energy. 

I am also gifted with a deep intuition, I have a gift to sensing how my clients and students are really feeling and ways to move past the things that hold them back. 

Don't let the calm feel of the page fool you. I believe that great strength comes from the stillness, from finding ourselves, being ourselves - we can't do that in the chaos. 

We come to stillness first, find our centre.

Then its time to get into massive aligned action from the centred space. I am always in action, inspired ideas come through me all the time, I sit with them, if they feel aligned I get into them and execute them. I love action, focus, it's my jam, But not in a chaotic way. 

I'm also NOT into perfection! Action first, be there for who needs you and refine as you go. Perfection, is fear and indecision popping in to say hello and whispering to you not to change. Stay still, don't grow. Let's leave perception behind. 

Click below to start your journey...

Click HERE to get book your free session, with worksheet and guide, to complete before we talk, to help you identify the things that are holding you back from the  one thing that you are desperate to change in your life, in whatever area that is. I am qualified and coach in business and life. 


Entrepreneurs, are you wondering why your business isn't growing like you envisaged?

Are you wondering where your customers are? 

When we really, truly, deeply do the inner work, we become magnetic, we become open to possibilities, and make it easier for our perfect customers to find us. 

When we do the Inner Work, we are able to stand taller, to own our power and the path that we walk on. 

We are able to hold space for others with compassion and authenticity and we are able to inspire and guide. 

The answer always lies within, we have everything inside of us. Let's work together to uncover it. 

You Ready? I am...

Let's find that stillness together so that you can get into empowered action. 

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