Take the first step to your calmer, less toxic more spacious you. 


“I lied and said I was busy.

I was busy; but not in a way most people understand.

I was busy taking deeper breaths.
I was busy silencing irrational thoughts.
I was busy calming a racing heart.
I was busy telling myself I am okay.

Sometimes, this is my busy -
and I will not apologize for it.”
Brittin Oakman

Meet your essential oil lifestyle mentor

I would like to introduce myself...

I am the founder of bamboo yoga oils life, two times survivor of breast cancer, mum to 2 beautiful souls and a rescue dog, wife, holistic therapist, life coach, yoga teacher and essential oil educator.

I teach yoga, self care techniques and how to use essential oils for emotional healing, to manage stress, to move limiting beliefs and deeply connect with ourselves as we all get lost along the way with this thing called life.

I have in person and online programs to coach and help you move forward.

I am also an active vegan advocate and speak up for the World and the animals, as I believe that we have a responsibility to help protect that which gives us so much. I have also promised my children that I will keep teaching others how to help the earth so that future generations can live in safety.

I only work with doTERRA essential oils, due to the purity and the yogic way that doTERRA source and produce these pure oils. I also teach how to start a doTERRA business if this is something that you wish to do.

Essential Oils

You will learn 

- The 3 ways to use doTERRA essential oils

-Non toxic self care and lifestyle hacks.

-You will have a pamper evening  with non toxic, luxurious home made eye make up remover, scrubs, bath salts, soothing face and body serum. I even have a playlist for you. 

-You will learn how to use essential oils to mange your emotions and learn a deeper level of emotional intelligence.

-How to use essential oils for deep sleep and why sleep is so important to us. 

-You will also learn how toxins in our cleaning products and self care products harm our health and hormonal balance. 


Emotional Healing

You will learn 

-How to  journal

-How to manage your time to be able to do more in less time

-How to create boundaries 

-What makes you feel light/happy and heavy

-About the energetics of the body and how to protect your energy from others.

-How to recognise and move past your limiting beliefs which hold you back 

-We will deconstruct the concept of being busy, to enable you to take care of how you spend your time. 

Self Enquiry

 -My aim for this week is to help you get to connect with yourself on a deeper level, we are so busy taking care of others we neglect ourselves and lose ourselves a little. We can be of use for more people if we are healthy and have respect and compassion for ourselves. 

-I will guide you through a series of life coaching questions to get to know you more. When was the last time you really asked yourself how you are feeling, what you would like to do, what you don't like doing? 

-You will receive a short meditation to manage stress levels and emotions and to be less reactive to life

All this content will be available for you to dip into any time. 

This course is suitable for anyone whether you have doTERRA oils or not. The advice and guidelines in this program that I give, only applies to doTERRA oils. You will learn why in this program.  If you do not have doTERRA essential oils there are two options. 

1) Receive a complimentary consultation, if you get started with your oily lifestyle and a starter kit, with myself as your mentor you will get this program for free. 

2). The cost for the week long program (with a few sessions for information needed before you get started) with a collection of oils in the post with the right amount of drops to see you through the week is  £40 and you get lifetime access to my online forums.

Any of the customers in the bamboo lifestyle customer community, who get their doTERRA essential oils through myself will get access to this course for free, you will just need to provide the name of the wellness advocate that introduced you to doTERRA and your doTERRA account number to me. 


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