Customer Testimonials

I am so blessed to be have  the most amazing souls as my doTERRA customers, who are now part of my community and so much more to me than customers. It feels like family to me.  Here is what they have to say about their oily journey with doTERRA and me as their guide. 

I am actually grateful to have gone through a really dark period in my life a couple of years ago. I turned to yoga. Not quite sure why but something deep in my gut told me to. I started my yoga journey with Bamboo Yoga with the beautiful, inspirational Karen Jackson. Karen has this aura that immediately puts me at ease. I fell in love with yoga. Karen knew I was suffering with nerve discomfort in my neck and nothing medically at that time was working for me. I needed surgery but had to wait months. I didn’t think I could until Karen gave me 2 drops of DoTERRA Peppermint oil. I rubbed the gorgeous smelling oil into my pain sites and in minutes the tension was received.....which I hadn’t had for years! From that very moment my life and the lives of my husband and son changed. The change I have seen in our physical health and emotions in the house is just unbelievable. I will never turn back and hope my oil collection just grows and grows!!!  Things happen for a reason. If I didn’t have that dark time in my life I wouldn’t have met Karen and discover doTERRA. Thank you Karen πŸ™πŸΌπŸ™πŸΌπŸ™πŸΌ.  Donna Robinson

Karen's mentorship with Doterra essential oils has supported me on a journey of transformation which has rippled out to my family, friends and clients.  On a personal level, I have suffered with anxious feelings  for longer than I was even aware of. I can say with confidence, that using the oils have helped me to overcome this once debilitating problem.  I feel so empowered that I can help those around me with natural remedies as a superior alternative to other products that may be high in damaging toxins.  Karen's own journey of healing and health is truly inspiring and she continues to overcome suffering by sharing her knowledge and power with others.  I feel incredibly grateful to receive her support and safe to know I have such an expert to call upon when I need help with anything from the physical to the emotional to the spiritual.   β€Sophie Bee

Karen has introduced oils into my everyday life. They are boosting my physical, mental and emotional health. Karen mentors and shares her knowledge of oils in a way that you feel confident with her advice and how to use them. I already feel I can use my own remedies and oil blends for myself and family x.  Jo

It has been such a special journey seeing Karen grow with Doterra oils and in Doterra’s products that she loves and believes in..and it has been very special to be under her wing whilst she’s grown, learnt and shared!!! She is honest, encouraging, truthful and passionate about the oils, and life, and this is why I believe so much in them and Karen, and why I use them and believe in Doterra being such an amazing company. All the oils and non oil products have a place in my families home..and for me, that is mostly because I believe in Karen’s advice, love and guidance of this company and her passion for the world being a better place. This defiantly is a case of ‘your vibe attracts your tribe!!’   Sonia Robinson

So pleased I met Karen and THE oils!! So interesting to explore and read up on the different oils and uses. Good to catch up and talk with Karen. Loving it . Andrea Smith 

Thanks so much for introducing me to essential oils! It's changed my emotional state and my sleeping habits and having you to message with any questions or advice is invaluable, especially when you start off on your journey! Thank you!   Jo Russell

Where do I start? It's not just changed my life but that of my family and pets. Karen's wealth of knowledge is shared with no obligation and for this I am so grateful. So much more to learn and gain. Thankyou x.  Kerri Stevens 

 I am grateful to Karen for introducing me to the oily lifestyle a year ago. It has helped me in many ways,particularly emotionally and I have learned so much from her and hope to learn even more next year. She is an inspiration with her wealth of knowledge, words of encouragement and zest for life and the passion she has for the future of our planet ….Thankyou!😊❀️. Mandy Thompson

Karen has really opened my eyes to the oily life and I love it! There’s an oil for everything and Karen’s always on hand with help and advice! My first thought now is ‘can I fix this with an oil?’ and the answer is always yes! It’s so nice to have a natural option 😊.  Charlotte Hooley 

I am so so glad to have met Karen. I find Karen’s passion and knowledge about Doterra oils and their benefits very inspiring and I love having Karen and the oils in my life. My family are all enjoying reducing the toxins in our life and my 13 year old daughter has even asked for essential oils for Christmas. Thank you Karen for introducing me to a wonderful ethical company xx.  Becky Blakely

 Karen's energy and knowledge is boundless. Karen fully understands  the benefits of the oily lifestyle and wants this for everyone, and the environment.  Karen has helped me change my lifestyle and remove toxins from our home...You will never regret getting started xx Jackie Kervick 

Karen is a rare find - she is incredibly intuitive and is truly working to help people make their lives happier and healthier. She doesn't sell oils or Yoga, shes simply knowledgable and passionate about sharing this with the world. Yes a starter set of oils comes at a price and a yoga class as a fee but her motives are honest and shes flexes to meet the needs of her clients rather than recommending something she wants to sell. This subtle difference in approach makes all the difference and has created a community of beautiful people who help and support each other. Doterra oils are just the rather decadent gravy on the top. Thanks for everything Karen. Bec Carter

@Karen Jackson just wow, such an inspirational and wonderful soul. Hugely knowledgable and supportive in her field inspiring people of all ages to make lasting change.  On a personal note I’m super grateful to have walked into her studio - when 2 souls connect - you just know you can trust this lady with your life xx Claire Taylor 

Karen is not only a lovely, genuine person but is an expert on these essential oils, purely and simply because she lives and breathes them in every aspect of her own life. πŸ’žπŸ’ž Claire Travenor

Karen is an amazing mentor/ambassador and is always accessible for any queries you have on the oils. The knowledge is there if you want it but be warned it is addictive ! Dawn Griffin

Using the oils has been so beneficial, Karen has taught me so much. The oils are now mine & my family’s first aid kit mentally, emotionally & physically ❀️Lisa Wise 

Karen is knowledgeable, positive and supportive. A joy! Camelia Geary

The awareness of both knowing about essential oils and using them, has helped and supported me over the last few months. It's like having a little secret that you want to share with people,when you hear of issues or learn how they are feeling to help them. Learning about oils and in turn using them, is only the start of my journey, which I have Karen to thank for that. Donna Stoakes 



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